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A treasure has been hidden and it is your quest to figure out where it is! Eleven fun clues…each is a different type of puzzle that will give you…

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Product Description

A treasure has been hidden and it is your quest to figure out where it is! Eleven fun clues…each is a different type of puzzle that will give you the information you need to map out the solution. Some clues are in the printable clue book and some require teams to seek out additional information in order to figure out the solution. This scavenger hunt for teens is perfect for hiding gifts and party favors for birthday parties, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah activities, holiday gatherings, or any time you want to have fun!

Scavenger Hunt for Teens Premise

Participants are given a scavenger hunt for teens map and a scavenger hunt for teens book. They are challenged to solve a series of clues that give either the coordinates of a location on the map, or the actual name of a location on the map. Some of the solutions can be solved by using the hunt book alone. Some of the solutions require additional information provided at a specific clue location. Each clue location is customized by you so this scavenger hunt for teens can be hosted absolutely anywhere. The clues can be solved in any order, so it is up to each team to determine their best course. The final clue will reveal how teams can read the map to find the treasure.

Sample Clue:

Click the Clue to See the Solution

Scavenger Hunt: Teen Treasure Hunt

Solution: B2-Diamond Bay

In this hunt guests are given a treasure map. The solution to each clue is either a coordinate or a place name of a location on the map. The solution to this clue is B2, Diamond Bay. Guests are given or shown a Frisbee and a tattoo (optional). You can get a tattoo on your skin and the toy is a Frisbee. Frisbee + Tattoo = B2

B2-Diamond Bay

Who the Treasure Hunt Is For

  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Can be played with individual participants or with teams. The clues are challenging, so this may be more fun played in pairs or on teams.

What makes this hunt ideal for teens and adults?

The teen scavenger hunt clues are:

  • Clever – Clues are designed with teens and adults in mind. So, it is challenging, but not too hard. It will appeal to the little kid inside all of us, but it is not childish.
  • Challenging – This is not a "go to a location and take a picture" type of a hunt. Teams need to work together to solve puzzle type clues. The clues relate to the locations on a special treasure map. At the end of the hunt, teams solve another clue that allows them to use the map to find the treasure.
  • Customized – You have control over how the hunt is delivered to the participants. The unique way the puzzles are designed allows you to write in where you want to hide the additional clues. So, you can host this hunt virtually anywhere – at home, at work, outside or indoors. You can also take it a step further and purchase the upgraded package where it is personalized to celebrate your family, hunt location, or guest of honor.

What's included in the Scavenger Hunt for Teens*

  • Directions – A step-by-step walk-through of what you need to do to implement your customized hunt
  • Pre-preparations – What to do in the lead-up to the hunt
  • How to run the hunt – Including tips for a successful event
  • Supply list*
  • Treasure Map
  • Solutions sheet – Solutions to the puzzles and directions on what to supply to teams for some of the puzzles that require additional information
  • 11 clues/puzzles (5 incorporate props)

*The scavenger hunt for teens does not include all of the supplies you need to deliver some of the clues. For instance, one clue requires you to purchase one local newspaper for each team, or an inexpensive crossword puzzle magazine.

Length of Hunt

Our hunts are designed to be very flexible in the amount of time it takes to run the hunt. You can customize each hunt based on where and how well you hide the clues. You can also shorten the hunt by eliminating some of the clues. Typical hunts last between 30 minutes to one hour.


Upgrade this Scavenger Hunt!


If you choose to purchase the upgrade to this hunt, Masters of the Hunt will personalize the hunt in the following way:

  • When you purchase the "upgrade," you will be able to download a personalization questionnaire. The questionnaire will have directions on how to complete and return to Masters of the Hunt.
  • The map will be personalized to your location or guest of honor. The names of the locations will incorporate favorite colors, vacation destinations, band names, friends' names, etc.
  • You'll also receive some tweaked clue handouts so the solutions match up with the personalized map locations.
  • If your guest of honor has a dog, send a photo of the dog and it will be included in Clue #8.
  • Clue #9 will feature the guest of honor's favorite sports team or high school name.
  • Note: A two week lead time is necessary for this option. This will "personalize" the existing clues and puzzles designed for this hunt to incorporate your information. For a completely custom hunt incorporating specific venues or changing the structure of the hunt, please call for a quote.

Preparing for Your Hunt

Give yourself plenty of time to plan your hunt. Although we have tried to make this an easy process for you, the very nature of planning a custom hunt in your specific location will take some preparation. Read through your Directions document as soon as possible. This will explain anything that you need to purchase or prepare prior to your hunt. Most hunts will require you to plan out where you want to hide your clues. Some hunts, such as the Pirate Hunt, Teen Treasure Hunt, Haunted Hunt and the Make it Your Own Customizable Hunt require you to purchase/gather items and set up clue stations. These hunts could take up to 4 hours to plan depending on your location and experience in this type of activity.

How the Scavenger Hunt for Teens is Delivered

If you choose the download, in the order confirmation page and confirmation email there will be a link where you can click to download your purchased product. Otherwise, you can revisit www.mastersofthehunt.com and click on the "Login" link at the top of the site – then go to "My Account." When you log on, the hunt can be retrieved from "My Downloads."

Please note, downloads are available from the moment your order is complete and remain available within 30 days of placing your order. The download comes as a PDF document. Most computers come with a free Adobe Acrobat Reader, but if yours does not, you can download it for free at www.adobe.com under Products & Services.

Alternatively, you can choose to have the hunt mailed to you on CD for a shipping and handling fee of $10. If you prefer the CD over the immediate download, please contact us at 1-877-494- to process your order.

If you choose to purchase the upgraded, personalized version of the scavenger hunt for teens, you will be able to download a questionnaire that you must fill out to provide us with some information about your location, family or guest of honor. We will then send you PDF files of the customized clues, clue solutions, and map.