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Scavenger Hunt for County Fairs

Plan a scavenger hunt for your county fair. We can customize a scavenger hunt around your ideas, a paticular theme, and more.

Scavenger Hunts for Fairs & Festivals

Fairs and festivals can use scavenger hunts as stand-alone activities or a part of:

  • A promotional campaign
  • A guerrilla marketing activity
  • Special events
  • A family friendly event
  • Kid’s activities
  • A grand opening
  • Entertainment
  • Group activities
  • Parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Volunteer functions such as drives, orientations and rewards

Our county fair scavenger hunts can be used to:

  • Surprise people to get them talking
  • Generate newsworthy buzz
  • Make you more attractive than your competition
  • Get guests to spend more money at your location
  • Get people who have already experienced your fair to return to experience something new
  • Entertain people as they stand in long lines

Benefits of working with us include:

  • An affordable option, if you choose to self-implement our scavenger hunts
  • We’ll take care of as much of, or as little of, the operational aspects that you desire
  • Last minute scavenger hunts aren’t a problem
  • Unique ideas
  • Customized ideas

Why Masters of the Hunt for Your Scavenger Hunt?

  • Our trained, scavenger hunt professionals have BA degrees in Leisure Services & Recreation.
  • Twenty years of experience working towards your scavenger hunt.
  • We think through everything that could go wrong during the scavenger hunt…so it won’t (but, we carry a $2 million liability policy just in case)! We take the business of fun seriously.
  • We plan for small and large scavenger hunts alike.

Contact us today to get a fresh and exciting scavenger hunt for your county fair or festival or view some of our fun scavenger hunt examples.